Thursday, October 01, 2009

Madonna's in the mood for a 'Celebration'

Sorry for this late review of Madonna's Celebration album that was released on Tuesday, but I wanted to hear the album in its entirely before I did. Anyway, there is something to be said for the Queen of Pop's last studio album for Warner Bros. Records. There is something to be celebrated. A growing list of hits, and others that I wish were on it.

First, let me get to the songs that were included. Now why in the world would you edit the song, "Sorry?" AND I love the fact that you included "Justify My Love" because who else could read along the lyrics of that song. But over all I love this album that Madonna put out because she is the only other artist (besides the late King of Pop Michael Jackson) to ever have songs that mean a lot to fans and those fans that have made her famous.

Case in point, could you really see anyone else sing, "Like A Prayer" or "Cherish" or "Papa Don't Preach." Could you ever see anyone do a song that was tantalizing like, "Justify My Love" or "Erotica." AND who else could make line dancing hip when it was in the foreshadow in the song, "Don't Tell Me." Okay I won't. But there are songs that I wished that were included such as:

• "What It Feels like For a Girl"-I know the video for this was violent, (whatelse is new) but the song itself is appealing because of the line from the film, "The Cement Garden...

• "Angel"-Cute Madonna and even cutier lyrics...Madonna is so childlike.

• "This Used to be My Playground"-It was bad enough that it was NOT included in the soundtrack to "A League of Their Own" but you have to admit with any ballad Madonna turns it into her own.

To finish, Madonna will continue to be Madonna and we love her that way. Long live the Queen of Pop.

Rating: 5 out of 5



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