Friday, October 09, 2009

A Corina CD found after 17 years of looking

I found a CD that I have been looking for 17 years. It's the 1991 self-titled debut album of Corina Katt Ayala. Better known as Corina, this was an artist that I was a fan of when the album and three songs were extremely popular. The music that she was known to do was called, "Freestyle Music" and yes, I even was into it. Having known about her through the radio station KIIS-FM back when former radio host Rick Dees was on the air. But the smash hit, "Temptation" was No. 1 on the radio. But trust me, it's an album that I purchased on cassette tape.

The three singles that were released where "Temptation," "Now That You're Now," and "Whispers." Now that I have the album, that I found at Hollywood's Amoeba Music Store I am overjoyed to have found it. I wanted to say something to the artist herself, if I may. In hearing the album in its entirely, I can't believe that I still remember the lyrics. The album that I purchased on cassette tape I had it for a while before I unfortunately ruin it. I kept looking for the next 17 years.

In know that Corina Katt Ayala has written more music but I would hope that she would return to the recording studio for a new album. I mean it's been 18 years since this album was released. Why not give fans like me and anyone else who remembers to do what you love. Create and make music. I have seen "Cradle Will Rock" but I know that in hearing this debut album music is key to life. So, if Grace Jones can return for a performance thne Corina should and hopefully will think of returning.

Norma Palacios
aka "forevermadonna"



Blogger Martin said...

Temptation is an incredible record, not sure why some girl band haven't covered it in the last 19 years - If the sugarbabes did this and banged a few decent remixes it would top 10 uk for sure.

2:26 PM  

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