Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nine Inch Nails tries to give you 'The Slip'

On its eighth studio album titled, The Slip (The Null Corporation) Nine Inch Nails with lead singer Trent Reznor have returned to form. The album is which produced by Renzor, Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder has a feel that fans have been waiting for.

1. 999, 999
2. 1, 000, 000
3. Letting You
4. Discipline
5. Echoplex
6. Head Down
7. Lights in the Sky
8. Corona Radiata
9. Four of Us Are Dying
10. Demon Seed
11. Slip

NIN who have a tendency to write songs that have the potential to be instant classics don't fall short on this album. There are a number of them from the 11 tracks that can be No. 1. One of the tracks to listen to is, "Head Down":

What you looking at?
Head down
Too late for that
What you want
What you get
Know your place
Don't ever forget

And this is not my face
And this is not my life
And there is not a single thing here
I can recognize
This is all a dream
And none of you are real
I'll give anything
I'll give anything

However, not to disappoint anyone there is also a DVD that comes with the limited edtion CD and of course if you have seen them live you know that you will leave wanting more.

Rating 4 out of 5


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