Tuesday, July 01, 2008

G-Unit's 'TOS' album

G-Unit's TOS album (G-Unit Records) is out. With its known singer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. This album is cool. Despite its explicit lyrics, it should take a back seat to this album itself. This is an album that is honest.

The trio is able to write and have the production work for the album. One of the album's track that is cool is one just one but all. The appearance by Young Buck in five tracks is the part that makes the album appealing.

The lead single, "I Like the Way She Do It" starts off right away with the chrous:

I suppose to blow, you suppose to know
Not to go against me or it R.I.P
I'm stupid rich, got retarded money
I'm special wit it, I got special bread
It's easy now, please believe me now
I dismiss a hoe, please leave me now
I f**k when I want, I do what I like
She want the same shit I want, the bitch is a dike
She a super freak, the freak of the week
I give her something a suck, she give her something to eat
It never enough, she like it rough
We keep it going and we switch positions, listen

(Bridge) 50 Cent
I Like the Way she do it
I Like the Way she do it
I Like the Way she do it
I Like the Way she do it

Now, I knew that Eminem (Marshall Mathers) was drawn to controversy with the release of the Marshall Mathers LP CD and the lyrics here for the G-Unit song are "controversial" but if you are willing and should look back it is the rythum the production of each of the tracks that make the album going. Sure, that there is a growing number of artist looking to appeal to the younger crowd, I mean just look at Lil' Wayne. But remember hip-hop is where the music is going.

1. Straight Outta Southside
2. Piano Man - Feat. Young Buck
3. Close To Me
4. Rider Pt. 2 - Feat. Young Buck
5. Casualties Of War
6. You So Tough
7. No Days Off - Feat. Young Buck
8. T.O.S.
9. I Like The Way She Do It - Feat. Young Buck
10. Kitty Kat
11. Party Ain’t Over - Feat. Young Buck
12. Let It Go - Feat. Mavado
13. Get Down
14. I Don’t Want To Talk About It
15. Ready Or Not

Much, if not all of the music that is released or heard by G-Unit is directed toward women. But remember 50 Cent who was discovered by Eminem and with the backing of Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo G-Unit can go from just being known for mixtapes to success, as if the last album didn't do that?!

Rating: 4 out of 5

P.S. And you thought I just listened to Madonna?!



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