Monday, June 16, 2008

B-52's have fun at the Funplex

At least the quartet as returned. Finally. The "LoveShack" hitmakers have returned to the music that made them famous. There is no short supply of magic here. No need. But there is something that I had to ask myself. What took so long?

1."Pump" – 4:53
2."Hot Corner" – 3:24
3."Ultraviolet" – 4:25
4."Juliet of the Spirits" – 4:22
5."Funplex" – 4:07
6."Eyes Wide Open" – 5:35
7."Love in the Year 3000" – 4:14
8."Deviant Ingredient" – 4:50
9."Too Much to Think About" – 3:47
10."Dancing Now" – 4:02
11."Keep This Party Going" – 4:31

The B-52's redefined the word, "fun" with the hit, "LoveShack" but having it come out for an album there is the album came as a result of the band's renewed touring, and a feeling that they needed something new to perform.

Guitarist Keith Strickland was inspired to create an updated sound for the band when listening to the New Order album Get Ready and hired producer Steve Osborne as a result. A more modern use of electronica production is the most distinct mark of the band's new sound.


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