Tuesday, April 01, 2008

R.E.M 'Accelerate(s)' and it pays off

R.E.M. has returned to the music that has made them famous. More than 20 years together the writing and lyrics to its latest releases Accelerate (Warner Bros./Wea Records). With its album, its first in four years lead singer Michael Stipes, and Peter Buck and Mike Mills have returned to greatest.

There is a letting go and go for the hearts of those fans that have continiously supported them. After its last album, I worried that the trio had lost touch and were not focused on its music. And then this album was released for download and I listened and wiped the swear and started crying. (See NBC's Today Show this morning?), and Stipe is still able to make me soft.

I cried when I heard, "Losing My Religion" and celebrated with Accelerate and hopefully R.E.M. will continue for another 20 years.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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