Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Madonna and Justin only have '4 minutes'

The first time that I listened to the Madonna and Justin Timberlake duet for the Queen of Pop's new song, "4 Minutes (To Save the World)" off her April 29 released album Hard Candy (Warner Bros. Records) I had to admit that I love the other song, "The Beat Goes On" and "Candy Store." Yet, (as always) after having several listens to the new song, "4 Minutes" is dance friendly and different.

The 49-year-old star who will release the last LP under the Warner label before embarking for a 10-year committment to Live Nation, sounds better than she more than 25 years old. Gone is the helium voice, thanks in large part to the vocal training for the 1996 film, "Evita." Enter now, and you have a woman who is confident and nearly untouchable in the music relm of her career.

There is a share of the spotlight between Timberlake and Madonna throughout the song and its lyrics:

M: Hey boy, now what, you are not that bad
anticipating to get what i want (and I ain't gonna stop)

J: Hey Girl, i m whatcha want, i'm alone
and waiting to make you my own (i will make you my own)

M: Everybody, come and go,
i hope you stay for a while
i know that smile

J: Heygirl, I m ok with that,you and me, that's what
I am ready to go
Are you ready to go

If you want it
You already got it
If you’ve got it
It better be what you want
If you feel it
It must be real, just
Say the word and
Imma give you what you want

It is the song, following the smash hit, "Hung Up" and yet, with a urban style...I love it.

Rating: 4 out of 5



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