Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Upcoming CDs and its reviews

Note to all of you: There are times where I will not get to all of the CDs on a list that are with each blog. I am sorry but I am a busy person who is trying to find another job. At this moment, Cerritos College is reaching the end of its semester. In any event, here are the CDs that I will review before the end of 2007...Wu Tang Clan, is back with its offering.

Mary J. Blige has an import CD coming out. As for what this is about I will find out. But I love the album cover of it.

Celine Dion just performed on ABC's Dancing with the Stars" after it was revealing who was Season 5 winner...driver Helio Castroneves. As she prepares to close her show in Las Vegas in December Dion offers what fans want to see, and those who were unable to go to Sin City.


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