Monday, November 05, 2007

Spice Girls cast a 'Voodoo' and a 'Headline'

The Spice Girls who will embark on its world tour in December have released its new material and the songs, "Voodoo" and "Headline (Friendship Never Ends)" from its Greatest Hits CD (Import) that is currently available at Victoria Secret department stores and will be released worldwide next year. For "Voodoo" the sound is back to the disco era. I was trying to find a video for this song, but this is only the beginning of what could be a good hit package.

cos The fever's gonna get you yeah yeah

Get up and use your voodoo
you know you want it bad
you wanna lead the way yeah you do
Be the best you know you can
Get up and use your voodoo
Get your booty to the floor
You gatta line 'em up left, right don't stop
And leave 'em wanting more
Hey ey party la
Hey ey party la

Shake up the dance floor
you got perfection
Get up and use it

Melanie C (whom I think) has sound great throughout the song. The others follow into the pattern of great music and lyrics.

Rating: 4 out of 5

As for the single, "Headline (Friendship Never Ends)" it is the type of song that created the hysteria the first time this five woman (whom, I refer to as Spice Women) but more than anything it is great to see all of them together:

Let's make the headlines true this time
There's no hiding from this magical state of mind

If I lost my way, you would carry me home
Take me all the way to Heaven, never leave me alone
And it's just like everything matters when you are near

Let's make the headlines loud and true
Let's make the headlines

Yet, that is not to say the Spice Girls can hold its own. They do.

The only down side is that the women didn't have enough material to extend to another verse. That would have helped the song more than anything but they were struck and tried to find the fit to make it almost (3:56 to be exactly) a four mintue song.

Rating: 4 out of 5



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