Monday, November 19, 2007

Season 6 "American Idol's" Jordin Sparks

The debut of "American Idol's" Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks' self-titled album Jordin Sparks (Jive Records)is coming and from the first listen of it there is a growing period that Sparks is going through.

With the domination of reality television shows hitting the airwaves faster than people can pull its eyes at. How many more reality shows can there be to figures out who will be the next star. Oh, I forgot that FOX show The Next Great American Band. But more than anything what Idol has done for Sparks and those before her is create the platform that says that they can sing, and Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson are a testament to that, and Season 6's winner is just a growing list to that. Sparks stays sweet.

Having already been the youngest winner of the singing competition at age 17, Sparks can sure hit it up on the vocals that are displayed that you would think that she had a shot at being Clarkson. However, this is more of Clarkson minus that spark. But nonetheless Sparks more stand out song is "Next To You":

Maybe we're friends, maybe we're more
Maybe it's just my imagination
But I see you stare just a little too long
And it makes me start to wonder
So baby, call me crazy
But I think you feel it too
Maybe I, Maybe I, just gotta get next to you
Oh, oh
Oh, oh

Of course there is also the outstanding ballad, "This Is My Now":

There was a time when I was so afraid.
I thought I'd reached the end,
But baby that was then
I am made of more than my yesterdays.

This is my now, and I am breathing in the moment.
As I look around
I can't believe the love I see.
My fears behind me, gone are the shadows and doubt
That was then, this is my now.

This album is just a start to someone is able to be herself...

Rating: 4 out of 5



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