Monday, October 15, 2007

Upcoming CD by the Backstreet Boys

Ten years after they along with that other band N'Sync stormed onto the screen the Backstreet Boys are back together for this new album titled, Unbreakable (Jive Records).

1. Intro
2. Everything But Mine
3. Inconsolable
4. Something That I Already Know
5. Helpless When She Smiles
6. Any Other Way
7. One In A Million
8. Panic
9. You Can Let Go
10. Trouble Is
11. Treat Me Right
12. Love Will Keep You Up All Night
13. Unmistakable
14. Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon
15. Downpour (bonus tracks)
16. In Pieces(bonus tracks)

Multi-platinum '90s non-threatening boy band Backstreet Boys try their luck with 'Unbreakable'. Thanks to autotune, Nick Lachey's songwriter and soft lighting, it's like the '90s never ended for the Backstreet Boys. In fact, the only way to tell that the single 'Inconsolable' is a song from 2007 is the conspicuous absence of Zorro look-alike Kevin Richardson.

The lack of innovation hasn't stopped Backstreet Boys scoring chart positions, even nudging top ten in Lithuania. But they'll be hoping for a little more upon the release of 'Unbreakable', their sixth album, on October 30. The only time they sold less than 10 million copies of an album was its 2005 comeback album 'Never Gone'. 'Inconsolable' has been its worst US charting single ever.

Review will follow...


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