Wednesday, October 10, 2007

'Hanana Montana' star sing with dad

Miley Cyrus aka "Hanana Montana" has sung up the song of "Ready, Set, Don't Go" from father's Billy Ray Cyrus Home At Last (Disney Records) and this song should be released.

She's gotta do what she's gotta do
And I've gotta like it or not
She's got dreams too big for this town
And she needs to give 'em a shot
Whatever they are

Looks like she's all ready to leave
Nothing left to pack
There ain't no room for me in that car
Even if she asked me to tag along
God I gotta be strong

She's at the startin' line of the rest of her life
As ready as she's ever been
Got the hunger and the stars in her eyes
The prize is hers to win
She's waitin' on my blessings before she hits that
open road
Baby get ready
Get set
Don't go

The younger Cyrus is probably getting over the fact that the young ones are after her concert and its selling out as fast as they being announced. Does this take away the fact that audience want Hanana Montana. That all depends if they love Cyrus as much as they love Montana.

Rating: 4 out 5

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