Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Seal's turn to be 'Amazing' in lead single

Seal, (born Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel) has returned with an album titled, System and its single, "Amazing" is that, amazing. Listening to the White Thin Duke's Remix (courstey of Staurt Price, Madonna's producer of 2005's Confessions on a Dance Floor). Seal is one of the few artists who can move a crowd. The Grammy-award winner has found a reason to come back. In previous interviews he has explained his reason for gaps between albums. The bottom line is finding inspiration.

But with the single, "Amazing" there is substance. He said it would be more dance-oriented, apparently a return to the roots of his first album. In one track titled "Wedding Day," Seal sings a duet with his wife and model Heidi Klum.

The lyrics display that dance quality:

Everyone says you’re amazing now that you’re clean
Only you know the real ones are cause you’ve seen
There’s only one question I want to ask is it here and
When, does anybody ask you?

Cause I know that you’re real, amazing, amazing, amazing

Everyone says you’re amazing now that you’re clean
Only you know the real ones are cause you’ve seen
There’s only one question I want to ask is it here and
When you….
Everyone says you’re amazing

Everyone says you’re amazing
(I want you to always feel you’re amazing)
Everyone says you’re amazing
(I want you to always feel you’re amazing)
Everyone says you’re amazing
(I want you to always feel you’re amazing)
(I want you to always feel you’re amazing)

With it's shimmering melodies, layers of synths and acoustic guitar, and electronic beats, with "Amazing" just being a sample, is a return to my roots says the singer-songwriter. To help him deliver a more dance oriented album, what he calls a quintessential Seal album, Seal turned to Price and and is also known for his Grammy-winning remixes for No Doubt and Coldplay).

Rating: 5 out of 5

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Serj Tankian 'Elect(s) the Dead on album

System of a Down's front man Serj Tankian on his first solo album Elect the Dead, which was released worldwide on Oct. 23. Serj will also be supporting the Foo Fighters to promote its new album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace in November, according to an advertisement in Kerrang!.

Serj Tankian (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, keyboard), Dan Monti (lead guitar, backing vocals), Larry LaLonde (rhythm guitar), Mario Pagliarulo (bass, backing vocals), Troy Zeigler (drums) and Erwin Khachikian (piano, keyboard) are the members of the live band, which will be known as "The FCC".

1. Empty Walls
2. The Unthinking Majority
3. Money
4. Feed Us
5. Saving Us
6. Sky Is Over
7. Baby
8. Honking Antelope
9. Lie Lie Lie
10. Praise the Lord And Pass the Ammunition
11. Beethoven's Cunt
12. Elect the Dead

The name of the band actually stands for the "Flying Cunts of Chaos", which is originally what Tankian wanted to call the album, he tells Kerrang! rock magazine in an interview. rather than the Federal Communications Commission. Tankian has also stated that he will not be playing any System of a Down material on tour. In support of Elect the Dead (Warner Bros.), Tankian is playing a number of promotional dates.

The smartest lyrics I have heard is from the lead single, "Empty Walls":

Don't you see their bodies burning
Desolate and full of yearning
Dying of anticipation
Choking from intoxication
Don't you see their bodies burning
Desolate and full of yearning
Dying of anticipation
Choking from intoxication

I want you to be left behind those empty walls
Taught you to see from behind those empty walls

I want you to be left behind those empty walls
I taught you to see from behind those empty walls

From behind those empty walls
From behind those fucking walls
From behind those god damn walls
Those walls
Those walls

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Backstreet Boys stuck in a pattern

The Backstreet Boys are have been stuck in a pattern despite celebrating and returning with Unbreakable (Jive Records) to the scene 10 years after releasing its first album. I am in no way impressed. And for good reason.

The boys and like its counterpart N'Sync were the modern day of The New Kids on the Block in the early 1980s and yet one would think that these four members (with its fifth member Kevin Richardson) would in some way look toward creating a new sound and look for way to get out of its same pattern. That is nowhere to be found on this album.

Can I just say that there are fans who are looking for a reason to continue to get your album? Now, I know that members have tried to go solo (i.e. Backstreet Boy Brian, because there is no sense in doing the last name) but that didn't work either. It could be said that nobody has had the success of Justin Timberlake from either boy band.

Album trashy...on all cylinders.

Rating: 2 out 5

Monday, October 29, 2007

Britney's 'Blackout' of life on CD

Her life may take forever to repair with continued scrutiny of her personal life and behavior. In addition, with the custody fight with ex-hubby Kevin Federline I actually like Brit-Brit's offering with her fifth album but first since 2003's In the Zone, Blackout (Jive Records).

The first single, "Gimme More" is infectious and throughout the album, Spears opens up about her life right now, and if she pisses you off, she makes no apologies. Like in the song, "Piece of Me":

I'm Miss "Bad Media Karma"
Another day, another drama
Guess I can't see no harm
In working and being a mama
And with a kid on my arm
I'm still an exception, and everybody
Want a piece of me

I'm Mrs. "Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous"
(You want a piece of me?)
I'm Mrs. "Oh My God, That Britney's Shameless!"
(You want a piece of me?)
I'm Mrs. "Extra! Extra! This Just In!"
(You want a piece of me?)
I'm Mrs. "she's too big, now she's too thin"
(You want a piece of me?)

Her voice is also keep critics wondering if she can really sing, given her disastrous performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards and say that thanks to the continuous use of machines that are featured throughout the album I still think that she needs to prove her fans wrong.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jimmy Eat World gamble on the 'Big Casino'

After its tour, Jimmy Eat World headed home to Tempe and started working on material for a sixth album. This album was self-produced by the band, Chris Testa (Dixie Chicks), and executive produced by Butch Vig (Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth).

Before this world starts up again
It's me and night
We wait for the sun
The kids and drunks head back inside

Well there's lots of smart ideas
In books I've never read
When the girls come talk to me
I wish to hell I had

Get up, Get up
Turn my ignition
Get up, Get up
*Fire up* the system
Play my little part in something big

I'll accept with poise with grace
When they draw my name from the lottery
And they'll say all the salt in the world couldn't melt that ice
I'm the one who gets away
I'm a New Jersey success story
And they'll say Lord give me the chance to shake that hand
They'll say

John Fields also co-produced the record. Some of the songs on the album, titled Chase This Light, include "Carry You", "Big Casino", and the title track "Chase This Light". "Carry You" originated as a track from Jim Adkins' side project Go Big Casino. (Several Go Big Casino songs eventually appeared on Jimmy Eat World albums, including "Hear You Me", "My Sundown", and "12.23.95".)

Rating: 4 out 5


Monday, October 22, 2007

A funny video

Here is Madonna on a Japanese talk show and talking to Shingo who appeared in her 1999 music vieo "Nothing Really Matters."


Britney Spears' 'Blackout' CD coming

It's Britney b---h! singer has returned with her fifth studio album but her first since 2003's In the Zone. Now, I know that all of us have witnessed her shaving her head, and go to rehab but is this album her "comeback?" Or was the MTV Video Music Awards performance the end of her?

Find out soon...


Upcoming CDs

Monday, October 15, 2007

Upcoming CD by the Backstreet Boys

Ten years after they along with that other band N'Sync stormed onto the screen the Backstreet Boys are back together for this new album titled, Unbreakable (Jive Records).

1. Intro
2. Everything But Mine
3. Inconsolable
4. Something That I Already Know
5. Helpless When She Smiles
6. Any Other Way
7. One In A Million
8. Panic
9. You Can Let Go
10. Trouble Is
11. Treat Me Right
12. Love Will Keep You Up All Night
13. Unmistakable
14. Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon
15. Downpour (bonus tracks)
16. In Pieces(bonus tracks)

Multi-platinum '90s non-threatening boy band Backstreet Boys try their luck with 'Unbreakable'. Thanks to autotune, Nick Lachey's songwriter and soft lighting, it's like the '90s never ended for the Backstreet Boys. In fact, the only way to tell that the single 'Inconsolable' is a song from 2007 is the conspicuous absence of Zorro look-alike Kevin Richardson.

The lack of innovation hasn't stopped Backstreet Boys scoring chart positions, even nudging top ten in Lithuania. But they'll be hoping for a little more upon the release of 'Unbreakable', their sixth album, on October 30. The only time they sold less than 10 million copies of an album was its 2005 comeback album 'Never Gone'. 'Inconsolable' has been its worst US charting single ever.

Review will follow...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

'Hanana Montana' star sing with dad

Miley Cyrus aka "Hanana Montana" has sung up the song of "Ready, Set, Don't Go" from father's Billy Ray Cyrus Home At Last (Disney Records) and this song should be released.

She's gotta do what she's gotta do
And I've gotta like it or not
She's got dreams too big for this town
And she needs to give 'em a shot
Whatever they are

Looks like she's all ready to leave
Nothing left to pack
There ain't no room for me in that car
Even if she asked me to tag along
God I gotta be strong

She's at the startin' line of the rest of her life
As ready as she's ever been
Got the hunger and the stars in her eyes
The prize is hers to win
She's waitin' on my blessings before she hits that
open road
Baby get ready
Get set
Don't go

The younger Cyrus is probably getting over the fact that the young ones are after her concert and its selling out as fast as they being announced. Does this take away the fact that audience want Hanana Montana. That all depends if they love Cyrus as much as they love Montana.

Rating: 4 out 5

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Madonna's 'Funny Song'

I love this!!!


Upcoming CDs

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Cause I am the Mom" song

This video is so funny. It is set to William Tell's Overture. Enjoy and thank you Anita Renfroe!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

"The Boss" creates 'Magic'

Bruce Springsteen can connect with fans like one other. It doesn't hurt to have the E Street Band along for the ride. With his 15th album Magic (Columbia/Sony Records) there is magic with every lyric sung by the Boss. There is a southern feel with the rythums and rythmes of its music, with that it is recorded in Altanla, GA but what makes it appealing is the backup of the band.

In addition, Springsteen pulls out all of his vocal tricks the breathy bluesman's bark, the ex-choirboy croon, the vaguely western hobo snarl and smiles as they sell so beautifully. He does the same thing with his lyrics; it seems impossible that this catechism-quoter could get away with another line like "Your tears, they fill the rosary / at your feet, my temple of bones," but within the somber repetitive setting of "I'll Work for Your Love," he does. Even for a lapsed Springsteenian like this critic, the sheer backbone of this album offers delight.

1. Radio Nowhere
2. You'll Be Comin' Down
3. Livin' in the Future
4. Your Own Worst Enemy
5. Gypsy Biker
6. Girls in Their Summer Clothes
7. I'll Work for Your Love
8. Magic
9. Last to Die
10. Long Walk Home
11. Devil's Arcade

"Magic" is a record of this moment Springsteen makes quiet reference to what he sees as an errant Bush administration and, alternately, to a marriage in its somewhat shaky midlife but it also aims for timelessness.

It's the way Springsteen injects his American Bible stories with the air of disbelief that makes "Magic" a truly mature and memorable album. He knows his fans need that rush, that jump outside their own feelings of disappointment and limitation, that he's given them for so long.

Rating: 5 out of 5