Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Melissa Etheridge experiences 'The Awakening'

Melissa Etheridge will release her ninth studio album, The Awakening (Island Recordss). It has been described as a collection of powerful and playful yet confessional and engaging songs that are personal as well as universal.

1. All There Is
2. California
3. An Unexpected Rain
4. Message To Myself
5. God Is In The People
6. Map Of The Stars
7. Threesome
8. All We Can Really Do
9. I've Loved You Before
10. A Simple Love
11. Heroes And Friends
12. The Kingdom Of Heaven
13. Open Your Mind
14. The Universe Listened
15. Imagine That
16. What Happens Tomorrow

The Awakening was co-produced with David Cole and recorded with her band: bassist Mark Browne, drummer Mauricio ‘Fritz’ Lewak, and guitarist Philip Sayce. Etheridge acknowledges that her 2004 breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment brought new perspective to her life and achievements and freed her to be so open on this album.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Monday, September 17, 2007

KT Tunstall is 'Fanstastick'

Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall burst onto the public consciousness last year with her gritty debut album Eye to the Telescope (Virgin Records), a provocative sonic mesh of heartfelt pop, rootsy, electric blues, and left-field alt-rock.

1. Little Favours
2. If Only
3. White Bird
4. Funnyman
5. Hold On
6. Hopeless
7. I Don't Want You Now
8. Saving My Face
9. Beauty Of Uncertainty
10. Someday Soon
11. Paper Aeroplane

Eye spawned three hit singles — the Grammy-Award nominated "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree," "Suddenly I See," and "Other Side of the World" — all of which became omnipresent on radio, television, movies, and the Internet. Thanks to the multi-media exposure, Eye is certified platinum in the U.S., with worldwide sales exceeding 3.5 million copies.

It showcases the 31-year-old's growth as both a songwriter and musician on songs like the thumping "Hold On," the rollicking "Saving My Face," the jazz-inflected "Someday Soon," and the frisky pop gem "I Don’t Want You Now."

Rating: 4 out of 5


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Upcoming CDs for November and beyond

Celine Dion who will finish up her stint in Las Vegas this mid-December has returned to the recording studio. After having begun her career with a dynamic voice with Peebo Bryce and then following that with the monster No. 1 hit "My Heart Will Go On" from that movie Titanic; to the steps of Las Vegas; this is the album that she has returned with...

Yes, it's coming...

The Hives have been relatively quiet but the qintet is back as well. I will give this a listen come November. I'll get back to you.

Boys II Men has returned and the trio pays tribute to Motown...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Madonna at Hunter College

Madonna was screening the film, "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" at Hunter College the largest college in the City University of New York system.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Annie Lennox gathers 20 artists to 'Sing'

Annie Lennox gathered 20 artist for this song, "Sing" and Madonna is featured on the second chorus of the song! I love it.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Britney Spears wants 'More' in her comeback

Britney Spears has returned with new material and a new album, her first, since 2003's In the Zone (Jive Records). With the new song, "Gimme More" from her upcoming album to be released on Nov. 13 Spears shoots back at her critics, the paparazzi and everyone who doubted her. As the song starts off Spears teases the person whom she sees, and she proclaims:

It's Britney, bitch
I see you, and I just wanna dance with you

I have to say that although I am not a big fan of Spears that I say that this song is tolerable. I can't believe I am saying that but if she was looking toward a connection with her fan, there is one with this song. Although it doesn't have that Jennifer Lopez club feel that the song, "Doin' It Well" has, the fact that Spears can have a stable, and consistent vocal throughout the song is an amazing feat within itself:

Gimme gimme more
Gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme (Uh)
Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme (Uh)
Gimme gimme more

Center of attention ('tention)
Even when they're up against the wall
You got me in a crazy position (Yeah)
If you're on a mission (Uh-uh)
You got my permission (Oh)

Spears I have to admit never has had that powerful voice that would want fans for her to comeback more often...I just think that I would have to wait until I hear the remix for the song to find out whether it was good enough for her to come back. On the surface, at least, she is okay.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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