Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jennifer Lopez thinks you are 'Doing It Well'

I may not be a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez or her albums but I have to say that the newest single, "Doing It Well" from her upcoming fifth English album Brave due out Oct. 8 is very uptempo and very very good. If Lopez was looking toward making people dance she accomplished that with this track.

Do It, Do It
You Do It, Do It
You're Doin It Well

Here's The Thing
I Was Minding My Own Business Doin What I Do
I Wasnt Tryina Look For Anything
All Of A Sudden Couldnt Take My Eyes Off You
I Didnt Even Know If You Could Tell
That You Had Me In A Daze
Sayin 'What The Hell'
Here's My Name, Number
Baby Just Hit My Cell
Loving Everything You Do
Cuz You Do It Well
Dont Know What You Got Me Thinkin

You Aint Even Tryina Play Me Boy
Cuz You're So Good, And You're So Fine
Got Me Sayin Crazy Things, Listen

I Aint Ever Met A Man Like That
I Aint Ever Fell So Far, So Fast
You Can Turn Me On, Throw Me Off Track
Boy You Do It, Do It
You Do It, Do It
You're Doin It Well

Let Me Tell You How Its Gonna Go
You And Me, Gonna Need A Little Privacy
Dont Wanna Do The Dance, No Do-Si-Do
Im A One Woman Man 7 Days A Week
Quit Tryina Play It Cool
Boy Make Your Move
I Told You How It Is
Nothin To Lose
You Been Starin Over Here All Night For Free
And I Aint Takin No Cash Or Credit, Just A Guarantee
There Aint Nobody Else But Me Boy



Baby Not Lookin For False Pretenses
I Think You Just Shocked Me To My Senses
Everything That You Do Feels Right
Do It, Do It
Do It, Do It All Night

{Chorus} 2x

I had to put all of the lyrics of the song because it is that good. I mean her voice is amazing all the way around. Whatelse can I say.

"Do It Well," both written & produced by new comer Ryan Tedder, was world premiered on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles today. Right now I am working on getting the lyrics to the song. But to be honest this song is so addictive that there is no way a fan will be able to resist. As if I am not a fan of her I am impressed by what she has been able to do: that is blend in urban and dance music into one.

That is the ultimate success of the song itself. It is the effect of the song and there is no way that you can't say that Lopez doesn't have a No. 1 hit within the realms of this song. That is how good this song is...bottom line. Another thing that helps out this song. Lopez doesn't try to be like Britney Spears when she sang, "Me Against the Music" featuring Madonna. Remember how Spears tried to make her machine-based voice useful with a dance track? Lopez has no trouble with that in this song. Her voice is incredible, and that is perhaps the first time, I, myself have been able to say that about her for a long time.

The rythum, the lyrics, the music and the dance is all there within this song. For future reference if Lopez continues with this type of music and continues to experiment with more music it will leave and make Lopez into a path of telling people that she is a singer and not just known for having other assets. This is only the beginning and Lopez got off the right with this song.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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