Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Airwave Blog 2: Revealed 'Confessions' DVD

My hope is that the DVD is respectfully of Madonna's 'Confessions' Tour than the NBC Special that aired on Nov. 22. But here is the DVD cover of what fan can expect to see when it comes out. I was so disappointed with what NBC did when the concert aired (i.e. cutting for commerical in between songs, and not showing the mock cruicifixation), that I did not watch it myself.

F***** A*******!!!!

By the way here is the tracklisting for the audio CD of the tour that will be available in January.

01 - Future Lovers / I Feel Love
02 - Like A Virgin
03 - Jump
04 - Confessions
05 - Isaac
06 - Sorry
07 - Sorry (Remix)
08 - I Love New York
09 - Let It Will Be
10 - Music Inferno
11 - Erotica
12 - Lucky Star
13 - Hung Up

My all time favorite moment was the beginning with her and the video from the June 2006 W Magazine photo shoot with photographer Steven Klein. Absolutely amazing and Madonna of course drop-dead gorgerous!


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