Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Airwave Blog 2: Matisyahu is 'Youth(ful)' on debut

The first best album of 2006 has got to be Matisyahu (born Matthew Miller) with his debut CD Youth (JDub/Epic Records). The Jewish-mytic rapper is totally awesome on this CD. Matisyahu, who is describe as the rapping Jew, (is that fair to say?) has a message of people and reflection throughout this album.

As Los Angeles station KROQ 106.7 radio was playing the first single that was released off the album, "King Without a Crown" listeners were so smitten with the song that when his album was finally released on Mar. 7 I flocked to get this album while it was still out there.

At first when I put this album on my CD player I was expecting an album that was way too much spiritually, in a sense just a quick run through of the music that was just made.

How wrong I turned out to be, it was spiritual yes, but more in a way that Matisyahu was calling for peace and with the song, "Indestructible." This song should have been released...damn it:

Fear nobody but His Majesty,
My spirit, you retrieved,
For you I wait silently,
It seems that you believe in me

Indestructable digging through the rubble
Bubblin we don't need no more trouble
That bahella-scope vision, hot hot fiction
Like im running a muck upon a rhythm

Stay on the plan so you don't lose the vision
Stay sizzling Peter pan I'm from a land hip like this
From the city feeling it
Ya breathing in, ya put on your glasses and ya see through it

Fear nobody but His Majesty, (fear no one)
My spirit, you retrieved,
For you I wait silently, (his majesty)
It seems that you believe in me

There is the message above and how wrong can anyone be about this track itself. Matisyahu, if you are listening...Dude should have released this song and I would have played it all day long.

1. Fire Of Heaven / Altar Of Earth
2. Youth
3. Time Of Your Song
4. Dispatch The Troops
5. Indestructible
6. What I'm Fighting For
7. Jerusalem
8. WP
9. Shalom/Saalam
10. Late Night in Zion
11. Unique Is My Dove
12. Ancient Lullaby
13. King Without A Crown

Get the album!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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