Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Airwave Blog 2: CDs Galore

The "American Idol" Season 5 winner finally has his day in the spotlight and its coming out in December, can't wait? Well, you are going to have to, just like the rest of us.

Has Incubus returned to glory with its latest album? The band's latest single, "Anna Molly" has received airplay on the rock station KROQ and so much so that perhaps they have out done themselves.

These albums will be reviewed by me and I will split my time between both of my blogs to do so. I told you there was a lot of music out there to review that the CDs are dropping like hot cakes! (Is that even a word?) But anyhow, I love to hear what you think of the CDs as well. Former "American Idol" contestants have released their own albums and there are a few more, Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee and Fantasia are up next.

Wasn't Ladies and Gentleman: The Best of George Michael one too many or enough for the fans? The English-born singer has another greatest hits album I don't know why but he's at it with some favorites.

Fantasia (right) follows suit with her own album, after a movie about her life and a book. Is she the exact clone to Ruben Studdard? Is she good? I'll let you know. So, again and I'll repeat this until I turn blue or die don't be afraid to tell me what music you love to hear, (personally Madonna for me) and let me know at
Peace. Love. and Dance the night away.

REMINDER: Happy Thanksgiving people!

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